What Are These Little Pink Bumps on My Face?


Seemingly out of nowhere, a tiny pink bump appears on your chin or your cheek. It might look a little like a miniature pimple – but not quite. This bump is followed by another similar one, then another, and another still.

As one spot disappears, others continue to form in small crops around the mouth on the chin, the smile lines, the cheeks, or even around the eyes. The spots might look like tiny pus bumps, and they might be a little itchy, stingy or scaly – or they might not feel like anything at all.

If you’ve noticed a skin problem like this, you could be experiencing the most common rash most people have never heard of: perioral dermatitis, also called periorificial dermatitis (you can see it here).

This harmless, but annoying (and potentially cosmetically distressing) condition usually appears in young women, but can occasionally affect children, men, and older folks, too.

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