Your complete monsoon guide for healthy cooking!

Monsoon has its own challenges when it comes to cooking. Vegetables and fruits are vulnerable to small insects and unhealthy food habits that cause acidity, etc. Here are tips by Dr Zamurrud Patel, Consultant Dietician, Global Hospitals, Mumbai who suggests what you should remember while cooking,  to stay healthy!

Wash all vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables) with warm/potable water.
• Wash fruits and vegetables before chopping them to avoid nutrient losses.
• Drink adequate water as per your thirst to maintain hydration.
• Cook only the required quantity of food and consume at the earliest. Avoid frequent and repeated heating of food items. Read: Monsoon weight loss recipe: Baked cauliflower
• Avoid raw salads outside home. At home, wash the vegetables with clean potable water.

How to store vegetables in winter?

• Food grains like legumes, oilseeds stored in the humid atmosphere can be infected by pathogenic fungus. So, closely inspect them before use.
• Keep all eatables, cooked and uncooked vegetables fully covered and store separately.
• Thoroughly clean your refrigerator to avoid the formation of fungus which may spread to food items stored in it.

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